NORWEGEN - Aufgeladen zum Nordkap Tanja & Denis Katzer

NORWEGEN - Aufgeladen zum Nordkap Tanja & Denis Katzer
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Tanja & Denis Katzer NORWAY - Charged to the North Cape Road trip with expedition vehicle... more

Tanja & Denis Katzer

NORWAY - Charged to the North Cape
Road trip with expedition vehicle and e-bike

We have travelled 444,000 kilometres on Mother Earth so far, and that's without flights. When we drove to the North Cape with our expedition vehicle "Terra Love" and e-bikes, an indescribable natural paradise awaited us: a land of superlatives. A land of fjords, waterfalls, trolls, elks, reindeer, sperm whales and a paradise of northern lights.

No sooner had we crossed the border than it closed behind us due to increasing Corona numbers. Soon we had been travelling almost alone for six months. We marvelled at autumnal steppes, deserted, sometimes moon-like landscapes and eternal forests, shrouded in billowing mist and ghostly cloud formations. We crossed some of the 188 mountains, passed some of the 300, sometimes raging mountain rivers, many of the impressive waterfalls, 50 fjords and 150,000 islands, which together with the mainland form a coastline of over 100,000 km.

What a journey! A journey that catapulted us into regions we would not have remotely expected. We experienced extraordinary hospitality, crossed Europe's largest mainland glacier Josdedalsbreen on our e-bikes, swam in the Arctic Ocean, saw the evening sun reflected on the skin of an emerging sperm whale. We climbed lighthouses, hiked dangerous mountain trails, sat on thin rock needles 1,000 metres above the abyss and warmed ourselves by the campfire on starry nights.

In the land of the Vikings, we followed in their footsteps. We experienced a winter with ice, snow and gale-force winds. We used many of the 100 ferry connections, crossed numerous of the 22,700 bridges and drove through countless of the 900 road tunnels; also the Lærdalstunnel, the longest at 24.5 km, and the Ryfylketunnel, which at 290 m is the deepest in the world. An impressive, almost fairytale-like country, with extreme weather conditions, full of adventure, myths and romance, which took our breath away by the minute with its wilderness, cold steppes, national parks and bird sanctuaries.
The crowning glory: the North Cape without people, soon auroras overhead every day lighting up the sky, e-bike tours on the snowy island of Senja, 350 km north of the Arctic Circle. It was an unforgettable trip and certainly one of the best we have ever done.

The informative and insightful narrative draws the reader in. Written in an entertaining, humorous and rousing way, the adventurers open up deep insights into modern-day Norway. (Overland Verlag Cologne)

Text: Denis Katzer
Photography Denis Katzer and Tanja Katzer
Publisher: Books on Demand
386 pages
31 colour pages
1 map
Printed on acid-, wood- and chlorine-free paper
Paper from responsible sources (FSC)
Paperback with protective finish
Publication date: Winter 2021
ISBN: 978-3-7543-7296-8

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